A Happy Home is a combination of an architectural firm and a construction company

Happy Home houses blend in well with nature and are long-lasting both in terms of construction quality and architecture.

From design to turnkey home solutions

A Happy Home is a combination of an architectural firm and a construction company. Our houses are made as a collaboration between architects, engineers, and construction experts. We have developed construction methods that we use in the construction of all houses. The houses look different, but the technology is the same for all. Happy Home houses blend in well with nature and are long-lasting both in terms of construction quality and architecture. Each house has a unique design, but they are all united by Happy Home's vision. The homes we create are airy, bright and spacious enough to bring joy to your family and to enable you to host friends and relatives. All houses have high ceilings and large glass walls and are made of natural materials. We create homes that are stylish, functional, environmentally friendly, spacious, and timeless. Just the kind of houses where we’d want to live ourselves.

We make building easy

We design houses and take care of the administration side of things from building permit up to permit of use and also provide turnkey construction solutions for interiors. We have an architect who reviews the site documentation and helps to find a suitable house solution. Together we can determine the size and layout of the house. The architect applies for a building permit and prepares other necessary documents. During the construction, our project manager prepares all the necessary journals, instruments, and documents, which are later needed to obtain the permit for use. All the general construction is done by our own workers and special parts are delivered by our long-term partners, who only work on our buildings and whose quality of work and after-sales service we can be sure of.

With us, construction is quick and efficient

The elements of the houses are made in a factory and the shell is assembled with a crane based on a specific design developed by an engineer. We use the same methods to build all of our houses, which ensures efficiency and quality. It takes a week to put up the shell of the building, and a house from foundation (ready for interior finishing) is completed in 22 weeks.

Strong and environmentally friendly cross-laminated timber or CLT

Proximity to nature is important to us when designing the houses, as the possibility to be surrounded by natural materials has a positive effect on both the mind and body. We have chosen cross-laminated timber as our main construction material, meaning that the carbon footprint of the entire construction process is significantly smaller than with conventional constructions. Cross-laminated timber is a wood equivalent to concrete, it is very strong and durable and offers many possibilities in architecture. CLT layers are alternately cross-glued together from finger-jointed materials, ensuring high load-bearing capacity in two directions. The crossing layers create a so-called locking effect, which ensures very good stability of the board dimensions in the event of changes in humidity and significantly reduces the negative effects of wood drying. Cross-laminated timber has a positive CO2 balance and the construction process is faster, cleaner, and less noisy compared to the construction of a stone house. A cross-laminated timber house is much stronger, more durable, and more airtight than, for example, a house built from fibo blocks.

Thermal performance

We use PIR thermal insulation boards to insulate all our houses. PIR insulation, i.e. rigid polyurethane foam, is around 50% more energy efficient than insulation materials made of mineral wool or polystyrene foam. This allows us to build thinner structures and thereby increase the volume of useful space. PIR insulation materials are fireproof and water- and moisture-resistant and there is no risk of mould damage. The material does not age or contain allergens. This construction material of rigid foam is produced with different fire resistance classes, it does not smolder, melt, drip or break into pieces. PIR material is environmentally friendly, odourless, physiologically safe, dimensionally stable, resistant to pressure, weather and moisture resistant, resistant to various chemicals, does not age or rot, and is an unsuitable material for attracting fungi, moulds, microbes, and rodents. Compared to wool, PIR insulation boards enable us to build significantly thinner structures, e.g. for a 150 m2 house, an additional area of +10 m2 can be gained.

Heating. Water. Ventilation

All our houses have energy efficiency class A or B, which ensures low heating costs. Forced ventilation with heat recovery and near-zero energy certification is used for ventilation. Each room has a separate plastic pipe, which ensures an even amount of fresh air throughout the house. Water underfloor heating is installed in the houses and the heating system is selectable.  We offer air-water heat pumps, ground source heat pumps (vertical and horizontal), solar panels and, for pitched roofs, also the solarstone solution. The temperature can be adjusted separately for each room. A hot water circulator pump is installed in the house, which significantly saves water consumption.


Tartu parim ehitis 2022
Best house in Tartu 2022 (Taani)

Aasta Tehasemaja 2022
Best lighting solution

Aasta Tehasemaja 2020
The best prefabricated house 2020

Aasta Tehasemaja 2020
Velux special reward

Aasta Puitehitis 2019
Best glued laminated timber building

The most beautiful of building in Haapsalu 2019

Aasta Tehasemaja 2018
The best prefabricated house 2018

We want to inspire people to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, and we aim to increase the proportion of sustainable materials in all houses. We integrate sustainable thinking into the design phase, where the first important choices are made both in terms of materials and energy efficiency. We use environmentally friendly materials and local products in our houses as much as possible, taking into account the entire construction and lifecycle of the house.

We advocate the use of wood over concrete and steel because wood is the only truly renewable building material with the lowest energy consumption of all building materials over its lifecycle. The use of cross-laminated timber reduces CO2, as trees act as carbon sinks, removing CO2 from the atmosphere, releasing oxygen, and sequestering and storing carbon.

Wood is Estonia's largest natural resource, and building a wooden home is one of the greatest ways to value wood.

Our goal is to become more responsible and sustainable in the entire house construction process. We work within the framework of certain practices and are aware that the choice of materials, their logistics, the energy efficiency of the houses, and the construction process itself are important. We are constantly improving the way we work to achieve our goals, and this includes all the different parts of our business: from the design phase and our company culture to the energy efficiency and construction of the houses.

Project management and documentation

The price of our houses includes project management during construction, proper documentation, and CAR insurance. The project manager and the site manager prepare the construction journals and all the necessary documents that are required to obtain the permit for use. They also advise our customers on product selection.

International experience

We are focused on the Estonian market, but also have construction experience in the Nordic countries and Europe. In collaboration with local companies, we can offer the design of houses and the construction of a closed shell all over Europe. The distinctive design and environmentally friendly construction method have aroused a great deal of interest among customers in many European countries, and we are therefore looking for distributors amongst local construction companies, who would like to offer a similar business model in other countries. If you are interested, please contact us!

Reliability and warranty

Happy Home is one of the leading constructors of private houses in Estonia. We have long-term experience and good economic indicators and have been recognised as one of the most successful Estonian companies. We offer a 2-year warranty for construction work, which means that we will come to inspect the house after two years and, if necessary, carry out warranty work. The equipment has manufacturer's warranty and we also offer after-sales service in the case of maintenance and breakdowns.


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