Award-winning design houses made of sustainable and renewable CLT

About Us

Happy Home is an award-winning residential home architecture and building company. All our houses are made from high-quality and environmentally friendly cross laminated timber (CLT). We have long-term experience to offer premium home solutions. We want to inspire people to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Our houses are made as a collaboration between architects, engineers, and construction experts.  Happy Home houses blend in well with nature and are long-lasting both in terms of construction quality and architecture.

We make building easy

We provide turnkey construction solutions and take care of the administration side of things from building permit to permit for use. This means that we handle building permits, construction of the house, and works on the site.  Our architect reviews the site documentation and helps to find a suitable house solution. You can choose from ready-made solutions or order a custom layout.

During the construction, our project manager prepares all the necessary journals, instruments, and documents, which are later needed to obtain the permit for use. If the customer so desires, they can take over the construction of the house at any stage. Together we can determine the size and layout of the house. The architect applies for a building permit and prepares other necessary documents.

Over 80 completed projects

Over 80 happy families

Happy Home offers the best quality in design, construction and management

Award-winning design

Functional houses with a timeless design, with lots of space

Ready quickly

The turnkey house will be completed in five months

50 year warranty

50 years warranty for structures and 2 years for construction works.

Choose your own size and budget

We make solution according to the customer's wishes and budget

High-quality and environmental friendly

CLT, PIR insulation and other best materials in their field

Energy Efficient

Natural gas heating and 0 certificate ventilation ensures low heating costs

Get the keys

We design and build a turnkey solution

The best heat retention

Our technology ensures an average air leakage number qE 50 = 0.20 m3/(h*m2) in buildings

Be informed and inspired



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If you would like additional information or a price list, please write to us and we will find a suitable solution for you!