What is turnkey or stress-free construction?

What is turnkey or stress-free construction?

Often, people consider the construction of a house to be a difficult, time-consuming and stressful process and prefer to buy an already finished house. At Happy Home, we also offer turnkey solutions to our customers. This means that the house can be ordered from one place from building permit to the permit for use.

“When buying a house from us, the whole building process is very simple. If the client has a site, then we first examine the detailed plan or design conditions of the site, which gives us information on the size and type of house that can be built on the site. Then we will send sample price lists for suitable house types and sizes to the customer. This lays out in detail what the price includes, which materials are used, and what works we offer.
If a customer has a specific house in mind, we usually meet them at the house they are interested in. We are building several houses simultaneously and can show the houses under construction. On site, customers can get a good overview of the size of the rooms, how we build, what materials we use, etc. This way, the people interested in the house will immediately see which house they like the most.

If a customer has chosen the type of house, we will determine the layout and position of the house in cooperation with the architect, while always taking into account the movement of the sun and the shape of the site. If the design and price are suitable to the customer, the rest is easy, as we take care of all the administration and construction side of things. We have an architect who organises everything to obtain a building permit and a project manager who prepares all the necessary instruments, designs, construction journals, etc. that are necessary for the permit for use. People are naturally different and that is why we are very flexible. Anyone who wishes to can just buy a house package from us and deal with the rest themselves,” explains Liisa Reesalu, sales manager of Happy Home.

From building permit to turnkey solution in four months

Once the building permit is obtained, the construction time of Happy Home houses is very short – the shell of the building will be assembled in about 5 days and the turnkey solution will be completed in 22 weeks. Today, it is possible to choose from six product lines in different styles, which, in turn, have a choice of different sizes and layouts. It is also possible to order outbuildings in the same style for all houses. We have garages, carports, sheds, sauna houses, guesthouses, etc.

In our case, a turnkey solution means the construction of the whole house from the foundation to the interior finish. However, the price does not include parquet, tiles, lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, and furniture. For these we only offer installation, as most customers want to choose the interior details themselves. In addition to the construction of the house, we also offer works on the site. We offer the construction of drainage, as well as the connection of utilities.

Therefore, if you want to find a stylish and environmentally friendly house that will be completed quickly and without any stress, be sure to check out our houses.