What is turnkey or stress-free construction?

What is turnkey or stress-free construction? Often, people consider the construction of a house to be a difficult, time-consuming and stressful process and prefer to buy an already finished house. At Happy Home, we also offer turnkey solutions to our customers. This means that the house can be ordered from one place from building permit […]

The news programme <i>Seitsmesed Uudised </i>by TV channel TV3 visited the Denmark house in Viimsi.

Our Denmark house was visited by Sirje from the news programme Seitsmesed Uudised by TV channel TV3. We talked more about our home, what makes the house special, and how the layout of the house was born. We also discussed the wider vision and mission of our company. https://www.happyhome.ee/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/yt5s.com-TV3-Seitsmesed-Uudised-kaisid-kulas-Happy-Home-poolt-loodud-Taani-majas-Viimsis.-1080p.mp4

The story of Happy Home

Happy Home is a family-owned company born out of a passion for architecture and the latest construction technologies of the company creators, Mihkel and Liisa Nirgi. Mihkel, who has long-standing experience in real estate, and Liisa, who has a marketing background, started real estate development together and found that there is a need for standard […]

We went on the radio station Äripäev to talk about our construction process

Liisa Reesalu, Sales Manager of Happy Home houses, went on the radio station Äripäev to talk about what our construction process entails, how long it takes, and what makes our houses special. We also talked about prefabricated buildings and cross laminated timber in general. In addition, you can find out how the Covid-19 era has […]

Happy Home Houses in the ETV program WOOD architecture

A segment of the ETV program WOOD architecture, which talks about wood as a material of the future. The need for new housing is increasing all over the world. But it is buildings that use almost half of the energy consumed worldwide and emit a third of greenhouse gases. If this situation continues, the result […]